Hustle vs. Alignment


There’s a lot to be said about hustle. To me, hustle has always been the ability to keep going despite your circumstances. I grew up in poverty, raised by single mother who worked night and day waiting tables – just to put food on the table and clothes on our backs - but somehow managed to show up to every school play, fundraiser and parent-teacher night. I’m a first-generation college student. I was in my early 20’s when I took custody of my baby-sister. In my life, hustle as always equaled survival. For me especially, growing up with hip hop music, to hustle (cue Jay-Z's I'm A Hustler) is to really grind hard, work long, tough hours and make big sacrifices.


Something changed recently when I began finding alignment. When I’m in alignment, or I’m excited about a project, I can work 24-hours a day and it doesn’t feel like work. The stronger my alignment gets the more I start to notice that I dread, avoid, and put off as long as possible, the things that I “have to do” or that I’ve said yes to, but aren’t fueled from an inspired place.

As a perpetual people pleaser, the first NO’s are uncomfortable AF. But I’m not here to make the world (or myself) comfortable. I’m here to SHAKE things up. I have to consistently remind myself that all I’m doing is already enough, I have to stand in my power and realize that without that alignment to my core, my vision, and remaining present, it will all ultimately be in vain. Trusting the process instead of attaching to the outcome.

The hustle vs. alignment debate - where do you stand?

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